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Multi-directional Team Warm Up
Brian Sipotz
Multi-directional Team Warm Up We are often asked for warm up ideas for teams or individual players, so here is a 15 minute warm up session with a team. This can be used pre-game or pre-practice, with the team or individual. . . . Keep Reading ›
In Season Strength Training Program
Darryl Nelson
In Season Strength Training Program Here is an in season strength training program that I used with the National Team Development Program in January of 2015. . . . Keep Reading ›
Seven Ways to Strengthen Your Shot
Mike Rand
Seven Ways to Strengthen Your Shot Thanks to USA Hockey News for sharing this article. . . . Keep Reading ›
Quantifying Athleticism in Hockey
Steve Nightingale
Quantifying Athleticism in Hockey When selecting players for your teams, consider the following two approaches. Do you pick A) good hockey players and then try to make them more athletic, or B) good athletes and try to make them better at hockey? . . . Keep Reading ›
Kevin Carr on Keeping Athletes Healthy
Brian Sipotz
Kevin Carr on Keeping Athletes Healthy On the 28th episode of the Hockey Strength Podcast, Coach Kevin Carr from Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning talks about his article "Why Our Athletes are So Healthy", and reveals the top 3 reasons MBSC athletes tend to stay on the ice and out of the training room. . . . Keep Reading ›
Miami Redhawks' Readiness Protocol
Justin Roethlingshoefer and Brian Sipotz
Miami Redhawks' Readiness Protocol Check out our video interview with Justin Roethlingshoefer as he takes us through how he uses technology to assess the readiness of Redhawk players on a daily basis. . . . Keep Reading ›
3 Reasons Our Athletes Are So Healthy
Kevin Carr
3 Reasons Our Athletes Are So Healthy During a recent mentorship at MBSC one of the attendees asked me… "WHAT IS THE NUMBER ONE REASON YOUR ATHLETES ARE SO HEALTHY?" His question got me thinking and naturally I wasn't able to give him a single answer so I gave him three. I believe the "The Big Three" injury prevention moneymakers in our programming are.. . . . Keep Reading ›
Start and Stop Ball Drop
Darryl Nelson
Start and Stop Ball Drop I used this drill in to incorporate change of direction into our acceleration training progressions. . . . Keep Reading ›
Velocity Based Training
Drew Little
Velocity Based Training Thinking about adding some velocity-based training to your programs? Learn more about VBT and how to use it effectively in this excellent article by Drew Little . . . Keep Reading ›
Fall Strength Training Program
Darryl Nelson
Fall Strength Training Program This is the Phase 5 strength training program that I did last Fall with our U18 team. It is an in season, 2 day per week workout. . . . Keep Reading ›
Maria Mountain on training goalies and coaching online
Brian Sipotz
Maria Mountain on training goalies and coaching online On Episode 27 of the Hockey Strength Podcast, we have a chance to chat with goalie training guru Maria Mountain of Revolution Sport Conditioning about the differences between training goalies and players. . . . Keep Reading ›
Kettlebell Swings: Not for Everybody
Darryl Nelson
Kettlebell Swings: Not for Everybody Kettlebell swings are a great exercise with many benefits. However, I don't think they are a good match for everybody. . . . Keep Reading ›
Early In-Season Program
Jim McKee
Early In-Season Program Here is an early in-season program I have used with a high school team to continue building strength in the first month of competition. . . . Keep Reading ›
Training for Acceleration
Darryl Nelson
Training for Acceleration Here is a part of a presentation I did for 14U and 16U hockey coaches in which I talk about training the ability to accelerate. . . . Keep Reading ›
Nutrition References
Drew Little
Nutrition References In our podcast conversation with Drew Little of Michael Johnson Performance, we mentioned a couple valuable references from Precision Nutrition. Here are the links to those articles provided by Coach Little. . . . Keep Reading ›
Drew Little on the Value of Hypertrophy and Influencing Nutrition
Brian Sipotz
Drew Little on the Value of Hypertrophy and Influencing Nutrition On the 26th episode of the Hockey Strength Podcast, coach Drew Little from Michael Johnson Performance in Dallas TX argues for hypertrophy training for athletes and talks about how MJP influences the nutrition habits of its athletes. . . . Keep Reading ›
I'm Not That Smart
Brian Sipotz
I'm Not That Smart I want to share an observation I have made about the top professionals in the strength and conditioning field. I have been to several big conferences this summer, and heard presentations from coaches who are absolutely leading the pack in terms of training, business, research, etc. These are some of the most successful and influential coaches, researchers, and entrepreneurs on the planet and although many of them come from different backgrounds and areas of expertise, they all alluded to one basic idea at some point in their presentation... . . . Keep Reading ›
Youth Leg Strength Progression
Brian Sipotz
Youth Leg Strength Progression In this video, we show a simple series of 5 Day 1 squat progressions to help youth players build leg strength. . . . Keep Reading ›
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