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Great Lakes Clinic Review
Mike LaFrenierre
Great Lakes Clinic Review Thanks to Mike LaFrenierre of Elite Strength and Conditioning for this review of the clinic. . . . Keep Reading ›
Single Leg Training Presentation
Brian Sipotz
Single Leg Training Presentation This is a short version of a Unilateral and Multiplanar Training presentation I gave recently. In it I talk about the importance of using uneven stances and carries when training for athletic performance. . . . Keep Reading ›
Women's Summer Program
Brijesh Patel
Women's Summer Program Big thanks to Coach B for the Quinnipiac Womens Hockey summer program. It covers from May 19th to August 22nd. Enjoy! . . . Keep Reading ›
Hockey (Too) Specific Training?
Andrew Davis
Hockey (Too) Specific Training? Thanks to for this great article on hockey player development. . . . Keep Reading ›
Hockey Strength Podcast Episode 20- NCAA Champion Rick Blackadar
Brian Sipotz
Hockey Strength Podcast Episode 20- NCAA Champion Rick Blackadar Find out the recipe for success for the newest NCAA Champions, the Providence Friars. Head Strength Coach Rick Blackadar talks about their year in training, and what it takes to be a champion. . . . Keep Reading ›
U Bar Jump Squat
Darryl Nelson
U Bar Jump Squat I feel that U bar jump squats are superior to straight bat jump squats for several reasons. . . . Keep Reading ›
Improving Mobility- Not Just About Stretching
Sean Light
Improving Mobility- Not Just About Stretching Mobility and flexibility are essential to an athlete's ability to perform and stay healthy but it's kind of a tricky issue. This is a great article from Brijesh Patel's SB Coaches College. . . . Keep Reading ›
Hockey Strength Podcast Episode 19- Great Lakes Presenter Joe Maher
Brian Sipotz
Hockey Strength Podcast Episode 19- Great Lakes Presenter Joe Maher On Episode 19 of the Hockey Strength Podcast, we hear from our final presenter for the Great Lakes Hockey Strength and Conditioning Clinic, University of Michigan's Hockey Strength and Conditioning Coach Joe Maher. We talk about some essential parts of creating a yearly training plan to maximize performance when it counts the most. . . . Keep Reading ›
Hockey Strength Podcast Episode 18- Great Lakes Presenter Darryl Nelson
Brian Sipotz
Hockey Strength Podcast Episode 18- Great Lakes Presenter Darryl Nelson In this episode of the Hockey Strength Podcast, we speak with partner and NTDP Strength Coach Darryl Nelson about strength and power training big rocks, and a bit about what's new on the site. . . . Keep Reading ›
Off Season Strength Training Program
Darryl Nelson
Off Season Strength Training Program This is the first phase of the off season program I used last season for our team of 1997 birth year players. . . . Keep Reading ›
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