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 Great Lakes Clinic

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Pre Season Phase 1 Program
Darryl Nelson
Pre Season Phase 1 Program This is the program that I used to begin training camp for our Under 18 team last season. . . . Keep Reading ›
Powermax Super Deadlift Bar
Darryl Nelson
Powermax Super Deadlift Bar The Powermax Super Deadlift Bar, or the U bar for short, is a great tool that has changed how we load squatting exercises. . . . Keep Reading ›
Ottawa Senator's Chris Schwarz on the Athleticism of NHL Players
Brian Sipotz
Ottawa Senator's Chris Schwarz on the Athleticism of NHL Players Think NHL players are the best athletes in the world? You might be surprised. Ottawa Senators Strength and conditioning coach Chris Schwarz has a unique philosophy when it comes to working with the best hockey players on the planet. We have a great chat with Chris, plus as bonus material some great points came out of our candid conversation after the interview (I included that at the end of the podcast so stay tuned). . . . Keep Reading ›
Hip Impingement in Hockey Players
Greg Roskovensky
Hip Impingement in Hockey Players Here's a great article from Physical Therapist Greg Roskovensky about femeroacetabular impingement and how to look for it in hockey players. . . . Keep Reading ›
U Bar One Leg Deadlift
Darryl Nelson
U Bar One Leg Deadlift This is a one leg deadlift being performed with the Powermax Super Deadlift Bar. It is a great tool for loading squats and deadlifts. . . . Keep Reading ›
Collegiate/Pro Phase 3 Program
Brian Sipotz
Collegiate/Pro Phase 3 Program Here is the Phase 3 program I have used for our pro and college guys and girls. . . . Keep Reading ›
Nutrition Recovery
Alicia Kendig
Nutrition Recovery United States Olympic Committee Sports Dietician Alicia Kendig talks nutrition and recovery. . . . Keep Reading ›
The Trap
Chris Collins
The Trap If you are not familiar with The Player's Tribune you should check it out. Basically, it is sports news written by the athletes and it was founded by Derek Jeter. Thanks to the Tribune for this great hockey article by Chris Collins. . . . Keep Reading ›
Band Resisted Lateral Bound
Maria Mountain
Band Resisted Lateral Bound Here is a great idea from our friend Maria Mountain from Revolution Conditioning. Also check out the second video introducing Revolution's second location. Congrats Maria! . . . Keep Reading ›
Phase 3 summer strength training program
Darryl Nelson
Phase 3 summer strength training program Late summer 4 day per week program. . . . Keep Reading ›
Elite Player Mindset and Development
Don Granato
Elite Player Mindset and Development This is a great presentation about player development by National Team Development Program coach Don Granato. . . . Keep Reading ›
Rotational Chin Up
Darryl Nelson
Rotational Chin Up By using a suspension trainer like a Jungle Gym or TRX we are able to make overhead pulling exercises into spiral patterns. I think this allows for better shoulder function. . . . Keep Reading ›
Developing Aerobic Capacity for an Anaerobic Sport
Brian Sipotz
Developing Aerobic Capacity for an Anaerobic Sport In this episode of the Hockey Strength Podcast, we talk to Devan McConnell, Director of Sports Performance at UMass Lowell, about the importance of aerobic training for hockey and his methods for training the aerobic system. . . . Keep Reading ›
Your Training Should Always Be...
Brian Sipotz
Your Training Should Always Be... Can you give 1 word that wraps up your training for hockey in a nice little bundle? I can. Your training should always be... . . . Keep Reading ›
Aerobic Development in Collegiate Ice Hockey
Devan McConnell
Aerobic Development in Collegiate Ice Hockey Thanks to Devan McConnell of UMass Lowell for this great article. . . . Keep Reading ›
How can we keep our athletes from choking under pressure? Hockey Strength Podcast Episode 21
Brian Sipotz
How can we keep our athletes from choking under pressure? Hockey Strength Podcast Episode 21 On this episode of the Hockey Strength Podcast, we speak with professor of psychology at University of Chicago, and author of 2 great books, Sian Beilock. Topics include how to keep from choking under pressure, and how to instruct our athletes with maximum effectiveness. Dr Beilocks books called Choke, and How the Body Knows It's Mind are great reads for anyone who coaches, teaches, or manages, and gives us great insight on how to get the most out of our athletes and students. . . . Keep Reading ›
Great Lakes Clinic Review
Mike LaFrenierre
Great Lakes Clinic Review Thanks to Mike LaFrenierre of Elite Strength and Conditioning for this review of the clinic. . . . Keep Reading ›
Single Leg Training Presentation
Brian Sipotz
Single Leg Training Presentation This is a short version of a Unilateral and Multiplanar Training presentation I gave recently. In it I talk about the importance of using uneven stances and carries when training for athletic performance. . . . Keep Reading ›
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